Who am I ?

Jean-Luc Laimm

I started photography at the age of 17 and the passion for it has never left me. Then with DTP, a new path opened up for me in terms of graphic design and layout

Publishing, with its rules of composition and above all its colorimetry, opens up a new world for me. For the last 10 years I have been a photographer in Paris and I like to be alone in these places full of history. After having worked for a long time in black and white, colour is essential to capture the atmosphere of the streets of Paris in the morning.

Retranscribing this unreal atmosphere where time is suspended, reflects my whole universe. The passage between day and night is a magical moment that has always fascinated me and following an exhibition, the creation of a book on the blue hour became obvious with the book “Paris à l’heure bleue”. It took four years to produce this book, published in bilingual format in 2017, and I continue to work on this inexhaustible theme.

In 2019 a bilingual guide on the theme of photo spots in Paris will be published, a “Paris Spots Photos” guide with the collaboration of museums, the Centre des Monuments Nationaux, the Paris Opera, the heritage of the Paris City Hall and the most touristic sites.
A new book on Paris in 2021 was produced during the 2020 confinements with the title “Paris s’éveille” (Paris awakens) in a Paris where time is suspended with its confined inhabitants giving an unreal atmosphere of Paris. Still in French/English.

Two other books are in preparation, the first in 2023 and the next in 2024, both in French, English and Japanese.

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