Paris s'éveille

Jean-Luc Laimm - Bilingual French-English edition
144 pages - 20.5 x 24 - 25.00 €

Every morning, as the blue hour disappears, the day timidly appears. In this ephemeral moment, the street lamps are still lit up, giving off soft, warm colours while waiting for the gradual arrival of the sun. Without a sound, Paris wakes up gracefully, from the alleys to the Haussmannian boulevards, from the quays of the Seine to its old quarters with their emblematic monuments, through Montmartre. The magic of Paris remains intact. Photographer Jean-Luc Laimm has captured these brief but timeless moments.

Paris Spots Photos

Jean-Luc Laimm - Bilingual French-English edition
168 pages - 20.5 x 12 - 11.50 €

Paris is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and as the star that she is, she lets herself be photographed. But to get the best shots, you must know the best spots! Jean-Luc Laimm invites you to discover them. He will inform you precisely where you should be to capture unique perspectives and original frames. This guide of the best spots will lead you to the essential areas of the capital, from the great monuments to the banks of the river Seine, including Montmartre. Hence you will be able to capture and share unforgettable moments.

Paris à l'heure bleue

Jean-Luc Laimm - Bilingual French-English edition
132 pages - 20.5 x 24 - 25.00 €

The Blue Hour is this unique moment, at dawn and dusk, where day and night switch places. Twice a day, time is suspended. At dawn, when the city still sleeps, in the darkness of a pure sky, with hardly a breath of wind, only the songs of birds announce the sunrise. It is also the moment when, at dusk, the sun disappears in a burning red flame, before the gradient of the sky goes from an emerald green to an azure blue, fading out into a blue sapphire which has been celebrated by painters since the inception of Paris. The City of Light inspires the greatest and most humble of artists.
All along the Seine, history has left exceptional monuments which defy the course of the centuries.
Its banks, registered as part of the World Heritage sites by UNESCO, are an endless theme to which the lovers in Paris add charm and romanticism.
We are going to travel along the Seine. It will be our guide during our journey at the blue hour.

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