All photo prints are made and shipped by a large Parisian laboratory called ‘PICTO’. Its reputation is a guarantee of quality and speed for timely shipping.

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Where are the photo prints made?

All photo prints are made and shipped by a large Parisian laboratory called ‘PICTO’. Its reputation is a guarantee of quality and speed for timely shipping.

Choice of printing support

Print on silver photo paper.

Print on genuine silver photo paper. Developed in a chemical (chromogenic RA4) process, washed and dried, it guarantees high-quality prints and a traditional photographic rendering. These professional silver photo papers are reference in the photography industry and among collectors.


Print paper photo glued to Dibond

Photo prints are pasted onto a Dibond panel. Dibond is the assembly of two aluminum plates surrounding a black polyethylene plate which gives it great strength with a remarkable stiffness/weight ratio. Dibond is the preferred pasting support of art galleries for its aesthetic, lightweight and very resistant design.

A 2mm Dibond for formats up to 80 x 120 cm.

A 3mm Dibond for larger formats.

On the back, a 30×18 recessed aluminum frame with a hook is placed 5 cm back.


American Box

The photo print is pasted onto a 1 mm thick aluminum panel and framed in a custom-made American-style wood frame. With a depth of 40 mm, the space between the print and the inner edge of the frame is 1 cm.

The framing for the American Case in Black, White or light oak is 8/40 (the width seen from the front is 8 mm and a depth of 40 mm).

The 3 choices, black, white and light oak (real wood veneer glued to a wood frame) are at the same price. The wood used comes from a PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) chain, which ensures the protection and sustainable management of forests worldwide.

– an efficient hanging system is attached to the back, allowing for safe wall mounting.

– a very resistant metal cable for small and medium formats
a beveled wood rail for medium and large formats, integrated into the frame, ensures good hold of the hanging. It guarantees a great resistance to deformation over time.


Printing on Dibond

This flat printing process allows for direct printing on 2 or 3 mm thick Dibond sheets. Dibond is made up of two aluminum sheets surrounding a black polyethylene sheet, giving it great strength with a stiffness-to-weight ratio. Direct printing on Dibond is highly resistant to outdoor use, wet environments, kitchens, or bathrooms. One of the two faces of Dibond is a white-coated surface on which high-quality photographic printing is possible. The inks are solidified and fixed to the support through UV rays.

On the back is an aluminum frame with a 30×18 indentation and hanging hook, placed 5 cm back.


Choice of printing formats

Printing on silver photo paper.

The formats are standard sizes.

Format 2 x 3: 40×50 cm (image 24×36) / 50×70 cm (image 31×46) / 60×80 (image 41×61) / 60×90 cm

Format 3 x 4: 40×50 cm (image 25×33) / 50×60 cm (image 31×41) / 60×80 cm (image 45×60) / 60×80 cm

Format 1 x 1: 40×40 cm (image 26×26) / 50×50 cm (image 31×31) / 70×70 cm (image 51×51) /70×70 cm

Format 1 x 2.5: 50×100 cm (image 35×85) /40×100 cm /48×120 cm / 60×150 cm / 72×180 cm

Printing mounted on Dibond or American Box or printing on Dibond

Format 2 x 3: 60×90 cm / 80×120 cm / 100×150 cm / 120×180 cm

Format 3 x 4: 60×80 cm / 80×107 cm / 100×133 cm / 120×160 cm

Format square: 60×60 cm / 80×80 cm / 100×100 cm / 120×120 cm

Format 1 x 2.5: 40×100 cm / 48×120 cm / 60×150 cm / 72×180 cm


Packaging and delivery of prints.

Great care is taken in the packaging of each format.

Prints are shipped rolled and well protected in a reinforced tube.

For large formats on Dibond, American Box or printing on Dibond, a specific, custom-made packaging will ensure good protection during transport.

You will receive a link by email to track your delivery by the carrier with their coordinates.

Manufacturing and delivery time.

Print only: 5 to 7 business days (excluding Christmas period) for France.

Other finishes: 8 to 12 business days (excluding Christmas period) for France.

Shipping costs.

Delivery costs are free for Metropolitan France.

Invoice, billing address and delivery address.

Your invoice is sent by email when your order is completed and payment is validated. You have the option to provide a different address for delivery (for example, to send a gift). The invoice is never included in your delivery package.

Right of withdrawal

The placement of an order with all these possibilities of formats and finishes becomes, without a doubt, the supply of a clearly personalized order.

Article L121-20-2 The right of withdrawal cannot be exercised, unless the parties agree otherwise, for contracts “For the supply of goods made to the consumer’s specifications or clearly personalized or which, by their nature, cannot be re-shipped or are likely to deteriorate or expire quickly.”

Once payment is validated, there are no more withdrawal rights.

In which country do you deliver.

Direct ordering from this site is only available for the following countries: Metropolitan France.



Accepted payment methods

You can pay for your purchases by: Credit card (Carte Bleue, Visa, Mastercard)

Payment security

Your payment is completely secure. When you pay, you will be redirected to the interbank platform and then to your personal bank’s website, and it is our bank that will confirm the payment.

If you have a payment refusal, check with your bank if you have the correct procedure and confidential codes.


Delivery address.

You must provide a precise address with all additional information, code, concierge, mobile phone number and any other useful information for delivery.

How to track my shipment.

Upon shipment, you will receive a link by email for tracking that will allow you to follow the delivery with the carrier’s coordinates.

Precautions to take during delivery.

Upon receipt of your order, in the presence of the delivery person, check the number of packages delivered, their condition and their contents. If the delivery person refuses to wait for the complete unloading of all packages, you must note it on the delivery slip. If you notice that your prints have been visibly damaged during transport, you can refuse the packages by specifying the reasons for your refusal or if you accept them, clearly note your comments on the delivery slip.

My photo is damaged.

If the conditions at the time of delivery have been respected (endorsement of the delivery slip indicating the damages), you have 48 hours to notify us by email with photos of the package and the delivery slip from the carrier and we will reprint your order as soon as possible.

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